Case study

Operating lights installation at London Clinic

Overcoming ceiling height limitations to install operating lights, camera and monitor.



This installation brought multiple challenges from the point of site survey. The existing operating lights within the theatre had previously been installed in a fashion that meant the filter boards and light control electronics were not in the desired place. Considering this, and as part of our survey, we carried out an in-depth electrical installation assessment to ensure that the new lights achieved the conditions of BS7671, Requirements for Electrical Installations.

Mechanically the project was also challenging. The finished ceiling at a height of 2400mm meant that a low ceiling arrangement would need to be supplied and installed. We also had to consider monitor height and position and interaction with the operating light camera and AV interface.


The solution was provided by Howorth and our supply chain partners – KLS Martin. We surveyed, costed, and procured the market leading KLS Martin marLED X Series lights, that were installed in two positions within the operating theatre. Howorth also removed the existing battery backup unit and replaced with a maintained solution for the operating light controller, which satisfied the requirements of BS7671 and made isolation of the entire system much easier for any future maintenance.

The clinical team will benefit from the new installation of the marTouch Pro controller into the existing Theatre Control Panel, a surgical site illumination of 160 KLux and the widest colour rendering range in the market (3,000 – 5,500 K).


In just one weekend, Howorth's team of highly skilled engineers managed to remove the existing, noncompliant operating lights and install a market leading, award winning, state of the art light.

All manufacturers steel work was installed around the low ceiling heights resulting in a structurally sound installation. There was no requirement for ceiling decoration to be altered and all access into the ceiling void was through the existing general lighting. The system was fully commissioned, NIC/EIC paperwork issued and full 3-hour autonomy test carried out before being placed back into use on the Monday morning.

An excellent outcome for one of our long-standing customers.

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