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High Containment Screens

High Containment Screens are a simple yet effective way of boosting the containment capabilities of any Downflow Booth.

With our latest range of screens, we are able to offer previously unattainable levels of operator protection. The 5D Screen has been designed to enhance the comfort of operators while the range of movement helps to prevent bad practices during operations.

Independent testing has confirmed that OEL’s as low as 1 ug/m3 8 Hours TWA can be achieved. This means that for operations where an air suit or isolator were previously the only option, a Downflow Booth combined with a High Containment Screen is now a viable solution.

In addition, our latest range of screens have been developed specifically to allow them to be fitted within existing booth facilities.

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Download our Pharmaceutical brochure

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With advanced air technology, comes a more advanced understanding of your needs.

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I wanted to let you know that Sam did a great job. We were really pleased with his professionalism and hard work. He didn't stop and was really knowledgeable when he went through the work sheets at the end of the job. We'd be really pleased to see him attend site again in the future

Senior Laboratory Technician, Chiesi Ltd

Thank you both for acting on our behalf with Mettler Toledo, you provided us with an efficient and effective service as always

Senior Laboratory Technician, Chiesi Ltd

Our interactions with Howorth have been excellent. The relationship has allowed us to establish our microbiological containment immunological analysis suite. The people I have worked with have been nothing but hepful, professional and capable. Design has been a partnership and the build quality has turned heads with some of my colleagues. In short, thank you Howorth.

Biological Sciences Facility

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