We're buzzing because it's World Bee Day!


We're buzzing because it's World Bee Day!

Bees in many parts of the world are under threat and their numbers are declining. Honeybee numbers have fallen by an estimated 30% in recent years. Environmental changes such as the extensive use of pesticides, specifically insecticides, in farming. The loss of habitat on which bees depend for food. Natural habitats such as hedgerows, meadows and grassland have all depleted over the past 50 years as a result of the intensification of agricultural systems.

Every new hive of bees created will increase pollination and therefore have a positive impact on the food supply chain as bees pollinate over 90% of wild plants and 75% of Plant crops. Bees are crucial to our economy – without them it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate their crops.

At Howorth Air Tech we are playing our part in helping reverse this decline by adopting 2 Hives from our very own Commissioning Engineer, Scott Gee. But for any business, adopting a hive will enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and means you are taking account of the social, economic and environmental impact of the decline in honeybee numbers.

We can’t wait for our first pot of honey!

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