BLGC Charity Football Tournament


Rain pouring, wind howling - Mother Nature decided to turn the tournament into an aquatic adventure. But fear not, because team Howorth was ready to leave their mark on the soggy pitch.

Led by the self-appointed captain, James Aadahl, they were a band of misfits ready to conquer the football world. Tyrome, Josh, Mark Owens, Scott, Mark Connor, Anthony, and Gio completed this delightful ensemble. The games began, and our team embarked on a glorious journey through the group stages. 

The first game was a triumph, with Josh scoring a "bottom corner special," leaving the opposing goalkeeper with nothing but soggy gloves. Tyrome took the ball on, dribbling through half the team like a waterlogged Messi. Josh even added some flair by flattening not one, but two players.

In the second game, they went on a rampage, Mark Owens, a defensive rock, was as impenetrable as a raincoat in a monsoon. Scott showed his scoring prowess with two goals, while Josh, Mark, and Tyrome added their names to the score sheet, leaving the opposition drenched in misery.

The third game was an actual test of their skills. Scott, in a display of lightning speed, scored two goals in a mind-boggling 9 seconds and 1 minute. Talk about a bolt of inspiration! Meanwhile, meanwhile Josh got caught up in a heated altercation, proving that football isn't just about skill—it's about fiery confrontations that spice up the game.

Game 4, where the captain's tactical genius came into play—or so he thought. His changes left the team scratching their heads, searching for the logic that seemed to have vanished in the rain. They struggled to find their groove, and the opposing team took advantage, going 1-0 up. But fear not, for in the eleventh hour (well, more like the 59th minute), Scott unleashed a shot that took a fortunate deflection and found the net.

With the group stage triumphantly behind them, they advanced to the semi-finals. The weather grew worse, but their spirits remained high. It was a battle for the ages, with the ball sliding and players slipping left and right. They played their hearts out but the game ended in a goalless draw. Penalties were in order!

The tension was high as James stepped up for the first penalty, aiming for the moon but landing closer to Pluto—a truly astronomical miss! The opposing team seized the opportunity and scored. In a moment of pure panic, Tyrome found the woodwork instead of the back of the net, leaving us all shaking our heads in disbelief. Mark, Gio, and Mark Connor displayed unwavering strength throughout the tournament, defending with all their might.

The Bolton Girls and Boys Club Charity 5-a-side foot tournament was a whirlwind of laughter, soggy socks, and unforgettable moments. We look forward to repeating again next year!

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