Case study

Drum Booth Upgrade

An aging drum booth had been identified as a potential ‘risk area’ due to a failing extraction system.



Howorth was approached by a customer whose facility manages a significant volume of chemical waste generated from diverse research and development activities. The waste had been previously handled in an existing drum booth that had been in operation for approximately 20 years, functioning 8 hours a day, 5-7 days a week. However, the booth posed a potential “risk area” for waste disposal on-site, as the extraction system had experienced multiple failures, necessitating the use of external waste solutions. The customer’s primary objective in approaching Howorth was to design a replacement system that incorporated the latest design techniques, ensuring a robust and long-lasting solution for their needs.


After the initial design phase was concluded, an ergonomic mock-up of the booth was fabricated and delivered to the site for evaluation by the Project Team and Operators, allowing for a thorough assessment of the various process operations. Following the assessment and necessary adjustments, the final design for a Drum Booth capable of handling three waste drums was finalised and granted approval.

Key Features as follows:

• Stainless Steel construction with Armourcote 4220 coating for an enhanced level of protection against hazardous chemicals
• Dedicated extraction fan and controls system
• Bi-fold doors for easier drum access and removal
• ATEX rated
• Drum rail and PTFE ‘stops’ to protect booth from damage


The customer can now be assured that the new Booth assembly offers the precise level of operator protection needed, while also providing enhanced compatibility with a diverse range of chemicals used both presently and in the coming years.

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