Genano Air Decontamination and the Healthcare Environment


Micro-organisms or dust particles carrying infectious agents can remain airborne for an indefinite time when they are small enough. Current fibre filter (HEPA) based systems are not sufficient to prevent airborne transmission. Specialised air decontamination procedures are required to control infections.

Premium air quality improves patient safety by preventing HAIs.

Genano Ltd is a high technology company founded in 1999 in Finland. Genano’s expertise in air decontamination is used in various areas where ultra pure air is needed. The Genano product range sits comfortably in the Howorth Air Tech bio decontamination portfolio. Howorth have been at the forefront of clean air technology since 1858.

The superior performance of Genano Technology® is based on a patented method for purification, which captures particles down to nano-size, eliminates and kills microbes, and removes gases and odours.

Genano Technology can remove particles down to nanometre size (1 nm = one millionth of a millimetre) from indoor air, unmatched by any other air purifying technology.

The powerful voltage inside the unit eliminates microbes, such as viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeast. Competitive devices based on fibre filters only collect these pathogens, and in the presence of heat and moisture may pose a great risk by releasing microbes or microbial toxins.

Genano units are equipped with an effective active carbon collector which removes gases, fumes and odours. Devices based on filter technologies are penalized to use such systems because of increased pressure drop from the additional filtering mechanism.

Genano Technology cleans the air in free air flow, so the air volume and the purification level are constant at all times. Genano air purifiers do not get clogged up by large amounts of particles as is the case with HEPA filters, and no exchange of expensive filters is required.

Howorth can install Genano systems to provide positive pressure isolation for the protection of patients with compromised immune systems. Such immuno-compromise could be from cancer or cancer treatment, from burns, from AIDS or from the immuno-suppression associated with bone marrow or organ transplant.

Howorth can install Genano systems to provide negative pressure isolation for airborne infection control. This is a rapid and cost-effective way to build isolation rooms. The Genano unit will simultaneously be decontaminating the air exiting the room and generating negative pressure in the room to ensure airborne contamination does not reach other areas of the facility.

Howorth’s expertise can utilise the Genano systems to deliver temporary isolation wards allowing hospitals to isolate large numbers of patients during an infectious outbreak. Every patient has their individual local exhaust. The aim is to create a negative pressure zone around the patients. Air from several patients can be decontaminated with a single Genano unit. Optionally, each patient can have their own Genano unit attached to their exhaust.

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