New partnership for Howorth Air Tech


At Howorth we are very proud of our work around employee wellbeing and so are delighted to announce our partnership with Rugby League Cares.

The aim of the partnership is to work alongside Rugby League Cares to deliver an inspirational and worthwhile employee wellbeing and leadership programme, to assist the charity with its work of developing meaningful connections within the local business community and to support fund raising activities to allow the charity to deliver on its aims and objectives.

The Rugby League Cares' team of wellbeing practitioners are a group of ex-players who all have their own stories and experiences with mental health. They deliver a down to earth, open and honest look at how we can support ourselves and each other in order to manage the challenges around mental health and wellbeing. Following on from the success of the Offload programme which was run virtually in 2021, RL Cares will be delivering an updated programme in 2022 which will be available to all Howorth employees who wish to attend.

Jim Liptrot, Managing Director of Howorth Air Tech, commented “we are delighted to be partnering with Rugby League Cares to deliver an employee wellbeing and leadership program. Having attended the Offload programme in 2021 and seen first-hand the practical tools and down to earth approach of the team who deliver the programme, I will be encouraging everyone at Howorth to attend this year’s programme. They will learn how to help themselves, their families and the team around them when they need it most.”

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